The Weekend Lift

What is the Weekend Lift?

This is a mini-facelift that is an excellent alternative to a full facelift and gives an overall lift to the neck and lower third of the face. It focuses primarily on trouble spots such as the neck, jowls, mid-face and the lines around the nose and mouth. It is called the Weekend Lift because that is the approximate duration for post-operative recovery.

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How is it different than other procedures?

Unlike a full facelift, the Weekend Lift is done using local anesthetic , much like you’d receive during a dental visit rather than general anesthesia. It takes one hour to complete in most cases. The incisions are much smaller, starting at the hairline and going around the ear. There are no drains or big face bandages, no risk of facial nerve injury and minimal to no bruising. The procedure is performed at the clinic under sterile conditions, and patients go home with an antibiotic, although the risk of infection is less than 1 percent.  Many people go back to work the next day. The consultation is FREE, and the Weekend Lift costs about 2/3 less than a full facelift.  Best of all, the results look natural, unlike some traditional facelift patients (Joan Rivers, Kenny Rogers, etc).

Who is a good candidate for the Weekend Lift?

Men and women of all races benefit from this procedure. The best candidates are those in good health with mild to moderate loose skin at the cheeks, jowls and neck. Typically my patients are between the ages of 35 and 75, but I have done this procedure on people in their early 80s. There’s no general anesthesia, so it’s safe for patients with health conditions such as high blood pressure. We do a thorough medical history for this procedure and discuss expectations with candidates.

What benefits do patients realize from this procedure?

Recovery time is minimal, usually a few days, although some of our patients go back to work the next day. We call it the Weekend Lift because you can have it on a Friday and be back to work on Monday. This mini-facelift will produce dramatic, age-diminishing effects like a firmer face, improved jawline definition and will restore the neck-chin angle. Best of all, the result look natural Studies have linked how much we like how we look to our sense of well being, and patients who have had the Weekend Lift radiate more confidence.

How popular are procedures such as the Weekend Lift, and why do patients seek them?

Minimally invasive procedures such as Botox, Fillers, and the Weekend Lift are the fastest growing segments of cosmetic surgery. Baby Boomers have made this kind of procedure so popular. Many of my patients have a change in career or lifestyle; some are widowed or divorced and want a fresh start. Other people see that those who are younger or younger-looking receive the job promotions. People are also living longer and have active lifestyles in their seventies, even eighties. They come to a point where they say “It’s my time now.”

Find out if you qualify for the Weekend Lift:  Call (219) 836-2201 today for a FREE consultation.

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Congratulations, you are just one click away from getting the information you need for an amazing outcome.

Congratulations, you are just one click away from getting the information you need for an amazing outcome.