The Doctor's Choice - Munster, IN

I am a facial plastic surgeon myself, and I chose Dr. Cherukuri to perform my browlift and upper lid blepharoplasty. I was back to work and seeing patients in 4 days, and I look 10 years younger. He did a great job.

Experienced, Skilled and Personable. The Injections Were Quick, Painless and Without Complications. - Munster, IN

Making the decision to have Botox and Restylane was the best thing that I’ve ever done for myself. I was just feeling that I looked very tired and old. I felt very comfortable with the procedures because of Dr. Cherukuri’s experience. As a nurse I feel that it’s important to have a skilled professional providing my care. The injections were painless and I had no down time from work! Within a few days I really noticed a difference in the appearance of my eyes. I didn’t feel like they were sagging and tired-looking any longer. I will absolutely continue to see Dr. Cherukuri to have both Botox and Restylane again. Since having the injections, I actually feel better about myself.
- Lori P., RN

Mini Facelift - Uplifting Experience

Though it might sound trite, the face I saw in the mirror no longer matched the vitality of my brain or body. After attending an informative seminar and a consultation with the doctor, I found I was a good candidate for a mini facelift. I wanted to smooth my sagging neck, eliminate jowls, and lesson the “puppet” lines near my nose and on my chin. The mini facelift did exactly that and left me looking fresher and of course younger by at least ten years. I gave this gift to myself, with my husband’s support, just after my 60th birthday.

The doctor I chose and recommend specializes in cosmetic surgery of the face and was very knowledgeable, approachable, and professional. He and his nursing staff made sure I was informed of what to expect during and after the surgery. The doctor gave me his personal phone number and when I had additional questions the day after the surgery he immediately responded to my phone call. There were no “cons” with the experience. However, remember it is surgery and your body will need some time to recuperate.

The doctor trained and further developed the mini facelift technique. He saw me as an individual and accessed my needs and delivered the exact outcome we had discussed.

“Weekend Mini Lift Made Me Competitive in the Job Market”

After attending an open house where Dr. C spoke about his procedure :the weekend face life. I signed up for the free consultation. I felt confident in Dr. C"s training and knowledge with the procedure and booked my procedure for the Thursday before the July holiday weekend, to allow myself the optimum healing time before returning to work.

The procedure went smoothly, no true discomfort and I was able to return to my job on Monday. No one could tell I had had a cosmetic procedure. I am very pleased with the results and people responded that I look very well rested and young for my age.

I highly recommend the procedure to anyone wanting an improvement in their appearance that is not drastic but very natural looking. My job demands high energy. I feel that with this procedure, I have made myself physically competitive in the job market and now look the way I truly feel: an active, high energy, professional woman!

Dr. is a Chicago trained professional, that gave me confidence in his ability in performing this procedure.

Botox and Restylane to Take out the Terrible Lines in my Forehead

A good friend had a mini-lift from Dr. C. I couldn't believe how great she looked. I decided to see if he could do something with the terrible frown lines between my eyes, and forehead.

I made the appointment, and was so impressed with the doctor, and his staff. After discussing all of my options, we decided to use Botox and Restylane.

I was so surprised that it was almost painless, and it worked!!!! I keep looking at myself in the mirror, and I can't believe the lines are gone. I will recommend this doctor to all of my friends. It was worth every penny......

I felt at ease from the start. He had answers to all of my questions, he said it was fast and almost painless, and he was right. I still can't believe how good it looks.

I wanted to thank you and tell you what a beautiful job you did on my surgery. My eyes look great. You did exactly what I asked for. You and your staff made it such a great experience. Thank you again. “


I wanted to thank you so much. My nose looks great and so natural – like I never even had surgery


I’m just wanted to thank you for doing a great job. The Weekend Lift made my face look amazing. Everyone is asking me what looks so refreshed but they can’t figure it out!

- E.P. B.

Thank you so much for taking great care of me. I feel great!!!!


I’ve had Botox and Restylane with other doctors but it never looked natural.  I then went to Dr Cherukuri and I’ve never been happier.”

- L.C.

I was pretty anxious about getting a Weekend facelift and eyelift under local anesthesia, but, Dr. Cherukuri was so gentle and his staff is so caring that it put me at ease. My result was better than I expected. Someone I recently met thought I must be in my thirties!!!”

- K.T. (age 50)

Dr. Cherukuri did my upper and lower eyes for my son’s wedding. I never had so many compliments from friends and relatives on how good I looked. But, they did not know or guess I had anything done….And the photos turned out wonderful.

- J.S.

I was so nervous about getting Botox and Restylane before my class reunion, but Dr. Cherukuri made me feel relaxed and comfortable. My result was beautiful. I would never trust anyone else with my face.

- G.A.

Dr. Cherukuri injected my eye area with Restylane. I was amazed with the results.

- S.T.C.

I have been getting my lips injected for years, but they have never looked this good until Dr. Cherukuri did them

- J.T.

Dr. Cherukuri is an Expert Facial Plastic Surgeon on

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Congratulations, you are just one click away from getting the information you need for an amazing outcome.