Surgery of the Eyelids


The eyes have been described as the windows to the soul. The youthful eyes contribute significantly to our sense beauty and vitality. An important goal of facial plastic surgery is to draw attention to the eyes. Unfortunately, as we age, much of the aging process becomes visible in our eyelids. The upper eyelid area is influenced by both the loosening of upper eyelid skin as well the eyebrows falling with age. The brow area, particularly on the outside edges of our face, falls down, resulting in excessive skin around the eyelids. The lower eyelids typically age by accumulating wrinkles, becoming puffy, or looking more drawn as the tissues of the cheek area descend. This can result in us looking tired, sad, or even angry.

For women and men looking to correct these problems, eyelid surgery may help restore youth and create a brighter, happier appearance.

Choosing a Surgeon:

Dr. Cherukuri is an expert at performing upper and lower eyelid lifts under local anesthesia which results in increased safety, less downtime, and significant cost savings.  Some of Dr. Cherukuri’s patients (including doctors) have returned to work in as little as 3 days.

Your Next Step

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